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Popular Popcorn is a snack food company, with a passion for great popcorn. We have perfected an attractive line-up of delicious Gourmet Popcorn products. It’s a new way to enjoy an old favorite snack. We using only the best kernels and finest ingredients to create some truly amazing flavored popcorn varieties. Popular Popcorn is popped fresh daily in our factory in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.


Our Retail Brand “Anything is popsible!”

Our “ready-to-eat”, pre-packaged snack products have a very large number of possible sales channels such as Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Groceries, Petrol Stations, Coffee Shops, Quick – Service Restaurants, Schools, Universities and many more.


Anything is Popsible!


Anything is Popsible!


Anythign is Popsible!


Anything is Popsible!

“Anything is popsible!”

Yes we believe that “Anything is popsible!” and we think this is a great message to our youth generation and children as well.


Popcorn can be flavored with any imaginable flavor and taste. It can be enriched with dried fruits, nuts and many other ingredients. People know it sweet or salty.

Popcorn is a straight snack, whole grain, made with corn which comes direct from the field. It is neither chopped, grained, mashed, sliced nor trough many other different ways processed or manipulated. Popcorn is funny and exiting, with a great image. Popcorn is popular, everybody knows it, everybody loves it.

Give Away Snack

Give Away with Taste!

Popcorn has a great reputation as a healthy snack and Popcorn need a lot of space, it means a lot of packaging material. This packaging material can be printed with any kind of content like pictures and text messages..

This “eatable flyer” is a innovative and attractive way to promote your company and products or to publish your “non – profit – campaigns”.

If you would like to know more about our costumizd promotional popcorn snacks just fill the form and contact us!

Jiu Jitsu Federation

Give away popcorn snack during the “World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship 2014” in Abu Dhabi.

The popcorn snack was distributed among the spectators of the tournament and promoted the benefits of the martial art “Jiu Jitsu.

ETIHAD Airlines

Inflight catering popcorn snack for ETIHAD Airlines, Abu Dhabi.

The snack is served as a “Snack Surprise” during the flight to the Etihad flight guests.

The packaging is printed with some facts to know about Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates.


For our School Special Popcorn we are distributing to the schools in Abu Dhabi we realized a campaign with Tadweer, Abu Dhabi together to call the attention of our students for keeping the environment clean

EXPO 2020

Illustration for a traditional flavored popcorn snack to promote EXPO 2020 and to publish some interesting facts about the UAE.

Social Contribution

Because we love it!

It is just popcorn and in makes just happy. We are so glad that we could give something back to our community and we will do it in the future again and again. If you have an event where you thing we can support you with our “Happy – Maker – Snacks” just send us a email!

School Special

Healthy snack with educational value

Our “Anything is Popsible! School Special Popcorn” is a wholesome, snack which aids digestion by providing necessary fiber. Health and medical associations regard popcorn as an excellent mealtime complement–sugar-free and low in calories.

Our “School Special Popcorn” packaging is printed with educational content and awareness messages as well to give to our children an added value, it is approved by the Educational Council and Health Authority.

If you are a school catering company and you are interested to purchase our School Special Popcorn, fill the form down below and contact us!


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